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James Munton — at Kiln, Mississippi from 1911 to 1929

     James Munton, my great grandfather, was an inventor of the train coupler, a train wheel process and the owner of at least three patents (I have documented three).  An immigrant from Penistone, England, Munton was a tyre roller and became Supt. of the Chicago Spring and Tire in Melrose, IL.  After the inventions he first retired to Grand Rapids, MI to a farm he named Blythfield Farms, after his birth place in Blythfield, England.  
     He sent my grandfather, Harvey, to Mississippi A &M to get the best agriculture education available in 1906-1907.  I believe it was 1910 that he moved to Kiln and bought 900+ acres on the Jourdan River, which he named the Jordan River Citrus farm.  Today this property is known as Charlotte Farms.  James Munton built two homes on the river bank that still stand today.
     His brother in law, James Baggott, lived with them and was an amateur photographer who took, developed, and cataloged over 400 pictures of family, friends and the area.  Even though my writing skills are limited, I have written a family history that includes much more information. I say all of this to ask you two questions.
     Would any of this info be of assistance to you? and I am looking for information on their sailing yacht of some 50 to 60 feet called the Sabrina.  Uncle James took many pictures of it  . . . the last one around 1925.
     Can you give any leads on how to search for such a vessel that is probably long sunk in the gulf?
"Any information about the Munton Family can be forwarded to Info@DanEllis.Net "

The above was written by
G.R. “Dick” Munton (December 1, 2004)

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