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His father, "Big Irv" Favre, was the whole game to Brett.  As his coach at Hancock North Central High School in Kiln, Mississippi, Irv taught Brett the importance of execution, precision, and sacrifice.  He rarely let Brett throw the ball; rather, he had him lead the run-oriented wishbone offense, which required him to handoff and then block for his teammates.  When no major college had any interest in Brett as a quarterback, Irv got the University of Southern Mississippi to give him a shot as a defensive back.
Brett did the impossible at Southern Miss --- moving from defense to the team's starting quarterback in his freshman year.
Irv was there the whole way.

* * *
Just one day after losing his father to a heart attack and fatal car crash, Brett Favre took the field for a Monday Night Football game against the notorious Oakland Raiders.   Even with the Green Bay Packers clinging to a slim chance for a playoff spot, his teammates and his adopted city didn't expect Brett to suit up.

* * *
The Favre book trails Brett's life from growing up in the Kiln to the MVP quarterback he is today.
Bonita Favre, Brett's mother, says many people throughout the nation are eager to read about the journey of a man some would call a legend.
"Phenomenal, It's already going to second press," said Favre.
She has been across the country signing copies of her book since it's release back in September.
It was during one of those book signing stops that she had a bit of a health scare.
"I was in Madison, Wisconsin, and I had been on antibiotics and the antibiotics caused the problems that I had.  Killed the good bacteria.  But I think I'm fine now," said Favre.
Her own health is just one chapter of what has turned out to be some difficult times for the entire Favre family.
Her husband, Irvin, died last December, and earlier this year, Brett's wife Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer.
What keeps her going?
"The Lord. Faith in God has got to carry you through everything," said Favre.
So what's next for Bonita Favre?


So what's next for Brett Favre?

     Brett Favre, at age 35, had another stellar season in 2004-05, surpassing 4,000 yards passing and 30 touchdowns — again guiding the Green Bay Team to the playoffs for the 10th time — which is tops in the free agency era.
     In spite of the Packers’ loss to Minnesota, and perhaps the worst performance in Brett’s 14-year career, he survives to make his own independent decisions for the 2005-06 season.
     As for the rest of the Packers, the Defense ranked 28th — with a franchise-worst season allowing 33 touchdown passes while forcing just 15 takeaways.

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